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Goldie Hawn is a famous actress that can proudly say how she has 6 grandchildren. Hawn is Hollywood's star for even more than five decades. She can also be proud of her 35 years lasting relationship. Yet, it seems like how she wants to send us a message.

Saying goodbye to Hollywood... Is that really coming from Goldie Hawn?

This amazing lady literally had it all! Besides being a professional dancer, many people could see her in different shows throughout the whole of New York City. Abroad, she was constantly acting in some superior roles. When "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" appeared on the big screens late in the '60s, her talents were definitely recognized by the whole world.

Goldie Hwan for an Academy Award for Cactus Flower recorded in 1969 and was nominated for the Oscar for Private Benjamin back in 1980.

This talented lady was born on November 21, 1945, in Washington, D.C. Why does this amazing lady want to leave Hollywood in her 74 years? She claimed how she wants to be with her family and enjoy family moments. It seems like how Kurt Russell, her husband, is very happy about her decision.

Kurt Russell has told the public how he appreciates what his wife has done so much. Also, he talked about their relationship. It seems like how this couple is definitely not ''acting'' in their real lives. They claim to be and to live like any other couple.

We all must admit how Hawn is definitely aging in the most sophisticated way possible. She claims how youth has nothing to do with ages, and we are the ones to witness that.